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Plašč CST 26 X 1.75 Platinum Protection C1920

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Plašč CST 26 X 1.75 Platinum Protection C1920

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The majority of the many cyclists ask their dealer for anti-puncture tires. Any tire can, of course, get a puncture, because now there is only air in the inner tube and comfort is also important. Nowadays, CST uses special materials in all its tires, which keeps punctures to a minimum. Thanks to the ultimate series of anti-puncture tires, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The CST Platinum Protector contains a perfect combination of 2 materials. The rubber layer that pushes back the sharp components and the woven EPS layer that prevents most sharp points touching the inner tube. Compared with the Double Breaker layer in the Pro tires, the Platinum Protector goes a step further. 

Editorial verdict: 
“The CST Platinum Protector is highly puncture resistant and the riding characteristics on asphalt are convincing”.